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How to Stay Motivated

I started my career with botanical illustration. That one, when you paint one flower for weeks (really, weeks!). Although I loved it, I got stuck. I knew all the techniques, colour schemes, I participated in the key worldwide exhibitions, I knew even Latin names of flowers!

But I can’t force myself to get to the desk anymore…

I started to experimenting. That’s how I got to my favourite transparent technique and later to loose floral painting.

Have you ever found yourself in the same situation? Browsing for hours in Instagram and saving images to the “Ideas” folder but anyway feeling completely uninspired and stuck when it comes to realisation? It happens to most of us. There are times when you may feel so frustrated and unmotivated to create new artwork. When this happens, it may be time to explore new ideas, materials, or directions. Trying new things can help to spark your creativity and get your creative juices flowing again.

Let's face it, doing the same thing over and over again can be boring and unproductive (Only kids love to listen to the same story for billion times). So, let's shake things up a bit and get those creative juices flowing again with these fun and quirky tips:

1. First up, let's talk speedy painting. Have you ever tried to set your alarm for 5 min for one painting? And for just 1 minute? No, it's not a sport competition, it's where you paint so quick in a short amount of time, that you do not have time for self-doubt. It's a great way to loosen up and get your ideas flowing. Just don't blame me if you end up with a big pile 2. of florals!

2. Next up, daily prompts. These little challenges can be found all over the internet, from Google to Pinterest to Instagram. They not only give you ideas on what to draw, but they also push you to try new things. So, go ahead, take that prompt and run with it. Who knows what kind of weird and wonderful creation you'll come up with?

3. Now, let's get outside and take a walk. Yes, I know it's scary out there, but I promise it'll be worth it. Bring your trusty sketchbook or phone and snap some pics of things that inspire you. Or even better- put away your phone and just have a nice walk with a cup of coffee. Even machines need a break. And so do we!

4. Already feeling adventurous? Why not try a new art style? If you're used to realistic botanical illustration, try your hand at something more loose. Don't be afraid to look up different styles online or in books and give them a try. You never know, how it might end.

5. And don't forget to mix it up with your subjects. If you're always painting flowers, try painting landscapes or animals. You might just discover a new favourite subject to draw. And as same important - yours unfavourite.

6. Last but not least, try out new tools and materials. Put aside your palette, get some coloured pencils (I often borrow fun stuff from kids ) and give it a try. Play around with textures and fearlessly mix materials. Have a look on my Skillshare class - "All about textures" - half of the materials I took from my kitchen!

Trying new things is a great way to jumpstart your creativity and get out of a routine. So, go ahead, experiment, and have fun with it. And remember, if everything fails, just take a strict break from painting for a week. You will be surprised how you will be missing your art!

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