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Painting Without Guilt: Your Step-by-Step Journey to Creative Freedom

Recently I asked on my Instagram - what prevent you from painting?

And I was shocked how many answers were about feeling guilty!

“I felt guilty painting when where was so much else to do

“The feel that I am wasting my time when I sit to paint something I love"

“Full time job, household work, kids, I can’t have a moment for myself

Does that resonate with your mood when you finally sit at your desk holding a brush?

Perhaps it's that metal voice in your head questioning the practicality of spending time with paints (instead of making dinner). I understand it so much!

I mean, I am a full-time artist, and painting is a part of my job, but I often feel guilty when painting something not customer-related, exploring new techniques, or trying out new styles... isn't that weird?

It’s so nice to read encouraging headings about taking time for yourself, the importance of relaxation, and so on... Only our super busy schedules don't seem to care!

I have explored this guilty feeling a lot and came up with some supportive ideas about embracing your artistic side.

1. Painting has a healing power and cultivates mindfulness. Even 10-15 minutes a day can recharge your batteries. Creating something beautiful or just playing around with color mixes, observing them bleed and flow is quite meditative.

Many painting techniques (for example painting transparent flowers) allow you to stop at a moment and continue the next day.

Honestly, how long do you scroll through your phone for news? If you would rather paint during that time, the health benefits and mindset would be much better!

2. Most of our energy is spent on doubts - Should I paint or do the laundry? Or maybe paint? Or not? This wandering mind soaks up the nerves, right? So why not make a quick decision and paint for 10-15 minutes? I bet your laundry will still be there!

How else can you make your way to daily painting easier?

3. Have all your materials in a convenient and easily accessible place! I wouldn't tell you how much time I've spent searching for a certain brush or paints that vanished after my kids invaded my desk.

Create a special box (with a lid!) and keep all your materials next to your favorite spot - the kitchen table, desk, or even the bed.

Never wash your palettes! Here, I explain why. Or wash them in a dishwasher with five at once.

4. Try to keep things organized and simple.

Have a list of ideas or references on your phone (or better yet, in a paper notebook) - so you don't waste time thinking about what to paint next.

Depending on whether you prefer to paint in silence or follow YouTube tutorials, prepare a list of your favorites (I hope my channel makes it to your list too).

5. Don't set big expectations. Your first and most important step is to take a break from routine, make time for yourself, and enjoy the process.

I hope these tips will help you banish those guilty feelings and have beautiful art moments for yourself!

PS. Do you have any questions about staying motivated with painting? Let me know in the comments!

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Laura Holt
Laura Holt
May 10, 2023

It’s funny, I know, and have given, all of this very good advice. But sometimes we all need reminding to get back to basics. Chronic illness has taken me away from all forms of art (crying) for several years. But I’m starting to look at my brushes, old work, sketch journals, etc again. This blog post is timely for me. Thanks!

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