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Top-5 floral books for art references and painting ideas

As an artist, one of the most valuable tools in your arsenal is a good reference book. Why not just use Pinterest?

Floral books have great illustration quality, rather big scale where you could see the flowers details. You could place it right next to you when painting (me personally do not like watch the screen whduring the painting process) 

Books, in particular, can be not only an excellent source of inspiration, but give you an information about individual plants names, matching ingredients of a bouquet, interesting arrangements or groupings of flowers, colour inspiration, seasonal ideas. Those books are a big help for artists who wants to incorporate flowers into their artwork. And they look just awesome as a piece of your home decor!

Here is my top-5 (out of about 50) favourite floral books which I use on regular basis

by Alethea Harampolis

If I would have pick only one book from my collection - that will be this book for sure!

It has just everything - single florals and greenery, bouquets. Arrangements of a wide range of coulis, seasons and complexity. Whether you prefer to paint individual flowers for complex compositions, you will find tons of inspiration just in one book.

Each bouquet is paired with a "flower recipe" - ingredients lists specify the type and quantity of blooms needed, which really helps to understand the composition (and finally learn all the plants names!)

by Taylor Putnam (Author), Michael Putnam (Author)

This book is a bestseller and I got a lot of questions after posting a short video on my Instagram about how did I like it.

I like it a lot!

This great idea was to organize flower types by color, with an emphasis on seasonality and creative color schemes. This is a huge source of inspiration and planning your compositions or collections.

There are 400 (Four hundred - I mean, if you even paint every single day one flower from this book, you will still have enough for the next year!)

The quality of illustrations is stunning - although the actual book size is rather small, you could see al the details and floral structure.

Flowers are place on a white background and it makes it so easy to use it for references!

Nevertheless I have to mention a copyright rule here. As long as you paint just for yourself - you could use pictures as they are. Once you planning to sell, promote, design your artworks - you can’t use the illustrations like they are without authors permission.

This book is a great gift to give, or to have for yourself. It could bring you endless ideas for exploring and painting flowers.

by Kiana Underwood (Author), Nathan Underwood (Photographer)

Organized by season and colours, the book includes instructions for 40 arrangements, including a lush green display for spring, an astonishing black bouquet for summer, a striking magenta design for fall, and an unexpected, oh-so-pretty pink arrangement for winter. With hundreds of eye-catching images this flower arranging book is as useful as it is attractive.

I escpesilly like focus on mochocrome arrangements. I think using small palette (with one o three paints) is the best way for beginners to start their panting journey. And painting monochrome bouquets is a great way to practice!

by Erin Benzakein (Author), Chris Benzakein (Photographer)

The book shows more than 25 how-to projects, including magnificent centerpieces, festive wreaths, and breathtaking bridal bouquets. Very good illustrations quality, a lot of individual florals and arrangements are presented.

It is the perfect gift for anyone who loves flowers and home décor books.

by Clare Nolan (Author)

In this beautifully designed book brimming with inspirational photographs.

Although this book focuses more on gardening, you could find a lot of inspiring pictures there!

I like the most that flowers photos are very natural and unique, they look like they were just cut of and very authentic. That could be great of you paint in whimsical or boho style and like more inspirational, moody rather than clear references pictures. I would say, the printing quality and paper could be better, but I like this book a lot and even dreaming about my own garden sometimes.

I am looking forward hearing your favourites books and your preferable way to get references. is it from your own photos, books, Pinterest? Feel free to share in comment all related ideas and question!

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