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It was not easy to start sharing my artworks

It was not easy to start sharing my artworks.

In the beginning I thought that it was not interesting for anybody, that my art is not god enough, not professional enough etc etc... And suddenly I start to get a lot of support and engagement. People told me that they were inspired with my pictures, my way in watercolour and love it. And... I fall in love with my art too! And that was the turnover. The more love and attention you give to your passion, the more you get back. It somehow works in the both ways.

Sharing your artwork can be a vulnerable experience, but it can also be a rewarding one. When you share your art with others, you open yourself up to feedback, criticism, and appreciation.

Here are some tips for sharing your artwork:

  1. Want to save this post to find it later? Pin it!Look for a community of artists or art enthusiasts who share your passion. This can be a great source of support, feedback, and inspiration.

  2. Share your process: Share not only your finished artwork, but also your process. Show your followers how you create your art, share behind-the-scenes photos and videos, and talk about your inspiration and motivation. This can help your followers feel more connected to your art and can also inspire them to create their own art.

  3. Be open to feedback: When you share your art, you may receive feedback or criticism. Be open to this feedback and use it as an opportunity to learn and grow. Remember that feedback is not a reflection of your worth as an artist, but rather a tool for improvement.

  4. Protect your work: When you share your art online, it's important to protect your work. Consider adding a watermark to your images, or only sharing low-resolution versions of your artwork. You can also consider copyrighting your work to protect it from unauthorized use.

  5. Have fun: Sharing your art should be a fun and rewarding experience. Don't get too caught up in likes, comments, and followers. Remember to enjoy the process of creating and sharing your art with others.

In summary, sharing your artwork can be a vulnerable but rewarding experience. By finding a supportive community, sharing your process, being open to feedback, protecting your work, and having fun, you can share your art with confidence and joy.

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