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Top Gift ideas for Creatives

As Christmas is around the corner I prepared a list with lovely tips which might help you to choose a pretty gift for your beloved creative partner of friend.

Feel free to save and share the post if your family and friends do not know what to give you.

No ads, everything is based on my own experience 😉

🔸 Watercolor (or any medium) set of a well-known brand like DanielSmith, Winsor and Newton, Royal Talens. The more experimental and rare the better.

🔸 Watercolor paper pad, A3-A4, 300. gr (Arches - it`s like a Tesla in a market of papers, but Fabriano is also great)

🔸Noise canceling headphones

🔸Desk lamp with phone holder

🔸 Books with beautiful illustrations for inspiration and pictures (bouquets for florists for example)

🔸 Certificate for painting/promotion courses - Skillshare, Domestika, Coursera

🔸 Hard disk with several terabytes

🔸 Cloud storage subscription

🔸 Ipad + apple pencil - an expensive, but very multifunctional and useful gift 👌

🔸 Adobe Full Package Subscription

🔸 Massage / Acupuncture Mat

🔸 Massage certificate (especially for a neck and a back)

🔸 Gym or yoga membership

🔸 A selection of music for concentration and relaxing

🔸 Thermo cup and a collection of herbal teas

🔸 Light that changes temperature - I have a philips hue system, it's great

🔸 Ergonimic office chair

🔸 Multicooker, which cook itself ))) / Juicepresser (can't be too much of vitamins)

🔸 Robot vacuum cleaner ))

🔸 Take kids for a walk and give your partner a bit time to paint ))))

Any more ideas? Let's share!

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