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Spilled water on a painting....End of the world?

I was recently recording my new YouTube tutorial with Koi Fish painting and I spilled the FULL glass of water directly on my keyboard and the painting!

Right during the recording. Really?! KOI FISH supposed to be a symbol of wealth and health and whatsoever!

I was very immersed in the process and liked the flow. and I hate to record same things for many times as it goes really authentic and freely just in the first cut)

So I first saved the keyboard and then tried to FIX the painting.

You might heard many times that watercolor is hard, do not forget mistakes, this kind of boooo stuff….

Though in fact it was enough to carefully dry the stain with a paper towel. When my first stress has finished I decided to KEEP recording from that very point (I even left the moment with spilled water in the video).

I think we all be in a situation like this when we were creating something. One wrong move - and your art (Almost FINISHED of course!) was ruined… Or almost ruined… Or you might thought it was ruined and swore not to do this anymore.

That’s where I come in. I am the friend sitting next to you, saying “I’m HERE to support you and help you not to give up. You could have your ups and downs, it’s ok to be stressed, tired, not super-cheering and lucky today. I am the friend who are giving you a paper towel so you could quickly fix your troubles (or tears). I share a lot of tips of dealing with watercolor and brining your art to live (….even if you needed at the end to create a new one).

What was your most stressful art situation?


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