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The benefits of using AI as a tool for artists

Hey there, fellow artist!

You definitely heard of AI and how it's changing the art world? (Or you would rather not to?)

Well, you might have heard some concerns that AI could replace human artists, but let me share my point of view and tell how you could benefit from it.

First of all, AI lacks the emotional depth and personal touch that comes from human creativity. Art is an expression of the our experience, and AI simply can't replicate that in the same way. (But what if I am not Picasso, but a common illustrator who is submitting his work constantly and trying to make it for a living?)

Firstly, take a deep breath...

I recently spent a day testing out MidJourney and DALL-E, two popular design-oriented tools, and while it was fun initially, getting a specific result was challenging. In fact, I felt like I was dealing with a stubborn designer who had a strong opinion about the art being created.

Here is an example of AI generated clipart in MidJourney

Here are some tweaks I noticed

  1. Most AI-generated art has low-resolution quality and cannot be printed on a large scale (It will change rather soon, I guess ).

  2. The results are unpredictable and not repeatable. Two people can enter the same prompt and get different results. Even you could enter the same prompt and get different results (remember, it has its own opinion!) Surely, after a while, you could find working prompts, but a surprise element will be there (no try, no fun!)

  3. It is still not possible to create seamless patterns (but it is coming soon!).

  4. It takes a lot of work to make an ai-generated image usable for sale (I mean A LOT!) , as you need to clean it up, adjust colors and shapes, etc. You may spend hours generating a clipart collection, but the annoying work of cleaning it up and making print-ready is pretty large. And you did not have a pleasant painting process.

So, no magic wand yet, or?

I see some great ways that AI can be an excellent tool for creatives:

  1. References - AI-generated images can be used as references, as they often create beautiful shapes and colors. You can take the best aspects and incorporate them into your own art while experimenting with different color schemes. Join my Art School to new modern techniques of watercolor painting.

  2. Drawing - AI can generate a coloring page or outlined drawing of an object or figure, which can be used as a sketch for your artwork.

  3. Layouts - Although seamless patterns aren't currently available, AI-generated layouts can still provide inspiration for your artwork.

  4. Web and Social Media Graphics - AI-generated logos, web designs, small icons, templates for Instagram, mockups, etc., AI could be a huge time saver and a fun way to generate a lot of images quickly.

Did I comfort you a bit?

To conclude, AI is a great tool that can be used by artists to enhance their creative output, rather than replace it. AI can help to generate ideas, explore new styles and techniques, and even automate certain aspects of the creative process. But ultimately, it is up to the artist to use this technology in a way that enhances their own creativity and artistic vision. Use it to automate repetitive tasks, generate new ideas, or collaborate with the technology to create something truly unique.

So, don't be afraid of AI in art! Embrace it as a tool that can help you take your creativity to the next level.

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