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Want to know my sales results from 2022?

I finally summed up all my sales results from the past year and's an interesting stats to think about. Let's have a look.

You could see that Etsy brought me more than a half of my income. My shop now has over 25 000 sales while I didn't paid too much attention to my shop (as years before!).

Is that possible? Yes, I was surprised as well!

Creative Market is my second favourite (and profitable) marketplace. Unfortunately, it cut the payments for artists this year and that certainly reduced its piece of the pie.

We could complain about that or…. Just accept the new rules. That’s what I did.

Honestly, the new updates dropped my motivation for some months but now I came up with new collection ideas and looking forward to shake it a bit!

Others - is all the other marketplaces where I sell my artworks. It seems super easy to upload the same collections everywhere, but it takes quite of a time (and it’s boring!), so I am unfortunately not very persistent with it.

This year I started to work with a special pattern marketplace - Patternbank and it already brought some nice results. It requires knowing the trends and regular work and regular patterns uploading (as always!)

I am also very grateful to my customers who came up with amazing ideas and launches this year! I really love collaborations and would like to extend that!

The lowest part of income from this year came from selling originals. Although it’s a big pleasure to see my art in your houses, the postal services are too expensive to make it profitable (at least from Norway).

What else could I say looking at the pie before setting goals for 2023?

I would like to make it more balanced - which means to increase the share of customers, art licensing and Patternbank sales and try out new things!

Teaching will be in my focus this year as I find it so rewarding and cheering!

I would also like to offer private consulting about selling digital products marketplaces like Etsy, Creative Market etc.

If you are interested in my advise regarding your running shops - I am happy to help you with

  • Shop audit (good and poor points, ways for improvement etc)

  • Help with SEO (titles, keywords, descriptions)

  • Visual impression of the shop, thumbnails recommendations

  • Etsy ads

  • Shop and listings external promotion

Please send me an email if you are interested in and already have a shop with digital products.

Same principals are applicable for watercolor, vector, svg clipart, patterns, invitations.

I wish you a super-efficient and fun creative year!

Stay tuned!


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